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About the Southern Harmony Brigade

Q: Why would I want to join the SHB?
A: We formed this organization for many reasons. In 1958, when the Sunshine District (SUN) was formed from the Florida part of the Dixie District (DIX), we created this organization in order to maintain friendships that would otherwise be strained or lost. This rings even more true with the creation of the Carolinas District (NSC), and now include all 3 Districts within our membership. We also strive to keep alive the barbershop style of music, and have the opportunity to perform to audiences all across the Southeastern USA, audience that may have NEVER seen a chorus as large or with as much talent as the SHB has. We provide a getaway in either a scenic location or a popular Southern city in which to spend a great weekend singing and enjoying friendships. What's not to like about the group?

Q: How do I join the SHB?
A: First of all, I recommend contacting someone within the SHB. There is most likely as member within your own chapter. If not, contact someone on our staff, and they would be most happy to talk to you about the group and put you in touch with someone who may be close to you and can help you learn more.
Guests are recommended due to their dedication to their chapter, district and/or society and the leadership skills they have and use on a daily basis.
Once you are invited to a SHB Rally (YES, you MUST be invited to attend), in which an invitation will extended to you by a current SHB member, you will need to attend a minimum of 3 consecutive Rallies. Afterwards, you must be nominated by a SHB member to be inducted as a Colonel in the SHB, and voted on by the entire membership.
OK, sounds tough, but its NOT! Every yearly meeting is for some the highlight of their barbershop year!

Q: What if I miss a Rally before I'm made a member?
A: Ugh. Unfortunately, you missed a Rally. Fortunately, as long as you have a valid reason for missing, we will allow 1 missed Rally over a 4 year span. Past that, we will just have to talk about that, won't we? It's important to not only show enthusiasm for the SHB, but it requires dedication to attend as well.

Q: What does it COST?
A: The cost varies from year to year, but normally its a set fee that covers a room and at least one meal, usually Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast and Saturday dinner as well. Now this is never set in stone, but it is the norm. You are responsible for travel expenses and all other meals.

Q: Where does the SHB meet each year?
A: Good question, and I would not be able to give you an honest answer, other than it will be within the states of MS, AL, GA, TN, NC, SC and FL. We move from city to city in order to serve as the guest performer on a local chapter show in the city we meet. Every so often, we take a year to meet in a quieter, more scenic location in order to learn music and break up the routine.

Q: What's with the military ranks?
A: When you first attend a SHB Rally, you are considered a "Camp Follower". When you a inducted into the SHB, you recieve the commission of "Colonel". Members of our General Staff, those who run and maintain the Brigade, are commissioned as a "General", and our leader is known as the "Commanding General", a true honor indeed.

Q: I'm getting older, what recognition do you have for older members?
A: When a SHB officer has served for at least 5 years and has reached 65 years of age, he can apply for senior membership.